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Mini Thread lift

Mini Thread Lift

What is Mini-Thread Lifting?


New LIFTING method based on the implanting of multiple mini-threads, creating a network which acts as a support for the tissue.


  • It provides an immediate lifting effect while favouring a natural cogenisis reaction  production.
  • It stimulates skin rejuvenation bringing vitality, elasticity and a brighter skin tone.
  • It improves the appearance of minor wrinkles, nasal wrinkles and loose skin.
  • There is  recovery period needed the patient can carry on her daily routine immediately, even applying makeup.
  • Treatment as like others  need to be factored into your Skin management financial / social commitments as bruising and swelling is a potential occurrence
  • Threads is a lovely Treatment for the perioral Lip area in those clients who don’t wish to have the enhance augmentation of the Lip tissue a more discreet natural procedure

Mini-Thread Specification


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Made with POLIDIOXANONE (PDO) an extremely safe material used in heart surgery, it enhances cell cohesion.

Cost From £600 up to £1500.

FREE Consultation required

  Call us today to book your free assessment 07912 312945

  Call us today to book your free assessment 07912 312945